Discussion about BERG - hacker or not?

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Hi guys.

I've created this thread about my game, because I haven't received feedback from admins and other people in chat and chat is not best place for discussion.

Recently I got temp banned three times due to "hacks" from AUBAMEYANG.

11/06/2019 uploadfiles.io/cg3lputh - temp ban for 24 hours
12/06/2019 uploadfiles.io/m23be8qn - temp ban for 24 hours
20/06/2019 uploadfiles.io/xr689ywf - temp ban for 24 hours

Please watch the demos and share us your opinion about honestу of my game and about correctness of these bans.

And please pay attention first I see opponent (maintenly note at killing of AUBA) and only then I start to move my gun sight.

Kind regards,
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Erstellt: 21.06.2019, 13:37 #2
Still convinced you cheat, yes.
imgimg img img img img img

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Erstellt: 21.06.2019, 14:10 #3
Yes, cheater
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Erstellt: 21.06.2019, 18:59 #4
None of these demos provided suggests to me that you're using any cheat, so just based on these demos, I wouldn't ban you.

From the demos I've seen in the past, I'd be still inclined towards having you banned, but you got unbanned from DerMaddin, who you provided with more demos which might show much more than what I've seen and maybe you're just playing very differently and your playstyle just might suggest you're cheating even when playing clean.

I think it's great that you're recording all your games now and that you can use these demos as a strong argument in case someone raises any suspicion against you. Uncut demos of the game, not hiding any context, might reveal something based on which you made some decision and hence prove that you're not cheating.

@AUBA, I don't know what you're trying to achieve with temp-banning him. The demos Berg provides us with don't suggest even remotely any kind of cheat, so temp-banning him is very unfair in this situation.
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Erstellt: 11.07.2019, 21:40 #5
AUBA continues his dirty business - temp ban for 24 hours without objective reason
11/07/2019 ufile.io/zfzlh2vg
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Erstellt: 13.07.2019, 21:12 #6
AUBA again got rage and temp banned me.

He ever plays the same style. Fast rush to arch A on attack and fast rush to catwalk on defence (mp_citystreets). I tried to stop him using nade, flash and checks. Successful stop = tempban. Unfortunately, AUBA have no logic.

We can watch how AUBA kill me through smoke in 13 round. I saw the same kills by AUBA every day.

Why have AUBA uploaded no one demo? But he can temp ban me many times? Is it normal?
I suggest that he also share his demo. And we could watch suspicious moment in his game.

13/07/2019 ufile.io/fpk4f94a - tempban for 24 hours
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Erstellt: 13.07.2019, 22:06 #7
Pay attention how AUBA tried to kill me in 4 round.

And also please note in moment with my last kill - i heard noise on catwalk but anyway I was going to check catwalk because AUBA always rushed it.
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Erstellt: 14.07.2019, 16:23 #8
@AUBA, can you please explain why you keep banning BERG? Not a single ban you inflicted on him was eligible from the demos I've seen. If you can't play against him, just leave the game, like this you are just abusing your admin rights.
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Erstellt: 15.07.2019, 10:35 #9
Sure i can explain it: He is a cheater. And its not abusing when you kick/ban a cheater.
This is no offense Proxict but in some cases you are just not experienced enough to see if someone is legit or not....same with this manu guy. If you really think they both are clean i cant talk with you anymore soz. I play cod since cod1 came out and i always did on a high level. I see when some1 is legit or not. And you started this game 2 or 3 years ago (u said it on the server once) and you think when someone is cheating there must be some obv moments on the demo. But thats wrong...you will never find some of this clearly obv moments on bergs demo cus he is smart enough to hide it perfectly. This game is 10yo now and he trained enough to hide his shit.
And the last times i tbanned him (its not even a perm ban....he can always return) it was not cus of his last kill on me, it was primary cus ppl in my team were complaining af about his cheats in teamchat and some of them started to leave the server. Thats a point where i cant let him play and he got tbanned. After that the server was crowded again, ppl had fun and noone was complaining anymore.
Its 2019 and berg is still here...thats the only abuse here imo.

Edit: This does not mean i kick/ban players just because someone is complaining about him. I do when i know he is cheating like in this case.
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Erstellt: 15.07.2019, 18:28 #10
Thanks for your two cents. You say that's he's inevitably a cheater. I say that I *believe* he's clean and unless I will see some strong undoubted evidence of him cheating, I will still say that he's clean.
I've seen all of the demos of him which are available here on the forum, as well as all demos other admins have provided me with, and also my collection of demos. And yes, seeing these demos which are mostly just taken out of a greater context, I was still inclined towards BERG being a cheater.
But BERG has provided DerMaddin with many more demos than what we've got the chance to see and based on these demos BERG got unbanned. BERG is now recording his every single game just from his goodwill, why would he do that and post the demos here afterwards if he was really cheating as you say?

I don't consider myself being anywhere near to professional players, but I think I can safely say that I am a fairly experienced player and I can distinguish between a clean player and a cheater pretty well. You must have misunderstood me pretty bad if you inferred that I've been playing CoD4 for 3 years only. The truth is that I've been playing this game for more than 7 years and from that, I've spent over 3-4 years here, on UA.

You say how experienced you are and then you believe Manu when he says that he has a brother, who was playing during the time Manu was banned. Why didn't you notice that he has the exact same play-style, same habits, same binds, and he does the same grammar mistakes? I smell some Dunning–Kruger effect here...

This game is 12 years old by now and he could have been training to learn wall-bangs, to learn regularly used spots and to use the minimap pretty well, which is also one thing you clearly haven't noticed, BERG has always his eyes on the minimap. If you have really watched all the demos, how could you have missed that?

Nice, now you just said that you are banning him on a request of other players. You've got the admin rights, not the other players. You are responsible for the actions you're taking, not the other players. With that said, provide us with a demo where we'll be able to discuss whether or not he's cheating or just stop banning him. You are abusing your admin rights like this.

In your edit, you say you know when he's cheating and that you are only banning him in such cases. Can you please point us to the time in the demo from BERG where we'll have the chance to see him cheating in any way?

This feels more and more like "12 Angry Men".
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  • Maddion
  • BERGSON: Sry for spam, correct link https://ibb.co/R7K2nNz
  • BERGSON: Second link for previous message https://imgbb.com/R7K2nNz
  • BERGSON: "from 98-120 or higher all the time" is not true. My normal ping usually equals 100. However it may increase (for examle, to 105) during start time before new round as well as most players. But in game my ping is stable, but sometimes he may changes +-5 as well as most players. For example, check ping for the following players: https://ibb.co/DLvpqQ0 : swiss 28, VAMPIRE 99, FrazeTee 42, Pat Solitano 50 https://ibb.co/R7K2nNz: swiss 23, VAMPIRE 94, FrazeTee 45, Pat Solitano 43 There is no fair reason for kick and tempban.
  • AUBAMEYANG: ur ping was going from 98-120 or higher all the time...u were lagging af and other players realised it too....wcyd
  • BERGSON: Is it correct?
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