Discussion about BERG - hacker or not?

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"Now stop writing articles about proof and experience and rather focus on banning the more obvious cheaters on the server :>"

Now that's a word. Sorry for being so harsh in my last post. Its nothing personally against you Proxict.
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Well, AUBA, so far, you've only been saying: "Oh, you are not experienced enough to see he's cheating", "You haven't played this game on a competitive level, thus you've got no experience", "You can't accept someone is better than you", etc. At the same time, you're saying that you are so experienced that you can just see that he's cheating and you know it! You just know it! Period. Your level of confidence is just enormous.

I've never said that I know everything, can you please tell me where you got that nonsense from? In fact, if you read this thread again, maybe you'll find out that you are the one who looks like the "omniscient" one.

Since months I'm messing with people here? Wow, another so-called fact I don't know about. Man, you are full of surprises. Ehm, full of lies, sorry.

I've said that Manu is cheating? Oh, come on, is this streak of lies ever going to stop?

Yes, I am saying that you are in a position in which you clearly are not. Even if you've played the game for 30 or 50 years, you just can't be sure if they are cheating without having the evidence. Do you at least see what I'm trying to say? If not, I'm sorry, but I don't know how more simply I could put this.

Either you are a complete ignorant and you don't care about what I say and hence you are still singing your song, or you misunderstood me very hard. Please, read carefully what I say and then try to reply, I am losing my nerves replying to your tales.
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Erstellt: 19.07.2019, 01:50 #23
While the ruleset tells us to tempban if we aren't 100% sure, it doesn't mean we're allowed to tempban without a demo just because it tells us not to. That's abusing your abilities as an admin and nothing else.
Especially since Maddin decided, from the demos Berg provided him, that he is clean, hence the unban.
Talk with Maddin, ask why he unbanned him (as he never made a clear statement in the forum about it) or get a friggin demo and explain your thoughts as to way you're thinking he is cheating. You must have some thoughts about it (besides "He must be cheating, it just looks like it") and if you don't, don't ban him for gods sake.

Also, I'm playing since 2013 and never really played this competitively, only pcw and public. If you don't like what I wrote, just call me out on that, as the experience matters so much without explanations in any way.

As for Berg, in the last weeks/months I played against him he didn't seem suspicious to me in any way. He performed very bad most of the times and had a map where he played very well every few maps. The same accounts for me, performing the same all the time is only what hackers and pros do. (for hackers there are ofc the exceptions of those toggling, so yea). I didn't spectate him though, as everyone else from what I've seen.

About the messing with people from Proxict, honestly I only saw two guys complaining about him in the last months. W!tch because of his lags and someone else for whatever, can't remember. Don't see how he is messing with anyone
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Erstellt: 23.07.2019, 00:03 #24
23/07/2019 ufile.io/gai26yfs - temp ban for 24 hours
@swissgucci, could you explain us what tempban reason?
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Erstellt: 23.07.2019, 02:18 #25
Tempban because I wasn't sure at the time. I'd obviously appreciate some others to look at this and give their insight.

Without going into the controversy in this thread... here's the clip. imgur.com/uLCM0q3

My view: You are quickscoping the entire time and then right before I appear you just so happen to FULLY zoom in, then also PAUSE/WAIT the magical amount of time before I cross to make your shot . It's not only that you happened to fully hard-scope/zoom that 1 crucial shot (with the appropriate waiting time), but you really camped that spot way beyond the usual amount of time anyone stays there (including yourself as seen by your own demos).

...and lets not kid ourselves. I wouldn't have TB'd you if this was the only shot that I found suspicious. This is an on-going situation where I'm obviously not the only one weary of your suspicious AF shots.
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Erstellt: 23.07.2019, 08:42 #26
1 I used default sniper spot.
2 I had no frags with my quickscoping because probably I had not correct position of point for shooting (In the last time I often use such sniper spots incorrect) (I thought that moment that probably my bullets hit fences and columns or nobody run to A.). You should also consider r700 has 4 bullets and I used them fast. I needed to decrease temp shooting for reload. And I just solved to use pause for the check and the correction of that point. And then I did it correct.

As result you temp banned me due to you was just unlucky in that moment.
(You joined to the the server using name "Mavic", played only about 4 rounds and was killed 2 times in the same place by me from the same default spot. Do you really think this is enough for a tempban? It's so easy to get ban and then say "I wasn't sure". You could go to the spectators and watch my game and see/understand that you was just unlucky in that moment)

I am no one player with suspicious moments and I am one who upload demos and I am one who gets temp bans due to ordinary moments. Why?

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Erstellt: 23.07.2019, 20:31 #27
nice brain lag there before killing him
and reading ur explanation makes me brain lag too....

"I am no one player with suspicious moments"

just lol... and sick new quote dude

"I am one who upload demos"

that proves nothing cus you hide ur shit in a smart way...not hard in a 10yo game

"I am one who gets temp bans due to ordinary moments. Why?"

cus u are cheating...we know this "lucky moments" for so many years now
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Erstellt: 23.07.2019, 21:57 #28
AUBA, just tell me why would I play with cheats in public? In my case it does not make sense. Especially in dead game.

swiss, why haven't you made the clip from the same spot when I killed you and Soclon via quickscoping without the pause 1-3 rounds earlier? Were it also cheats?

I'll be on vacation soon. Admins, you can rest from me. Finally I'm going to buy new PC and probably just will leave from this game =) And you will be happy =)
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Erstellt: 21.08.2019, 22:13 #29
AUBA, upload pls demo showed my teleporting or share any video because in my game I was not teleporting and didn't see any teleporting in all killcams. If i really teleport it would see in demos

I've shared demo
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  • AUBAMEYANG: just playing with him...had some rl trouble...
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