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Hi Yall!

Within the last 2 days I have gone from having a perfectly clear record to my punishment score being too high to join the server, all thanks to ProXicT. He keeps warning me and kicking me out of the server by pretending that I am "lagging". I had perfect ping 74-80, however he decided to kick me for "unstable ping". I do not know anyone, except those that are located in Germany, who join with perfect stable ping. In fact, there are plenty of people that join with more than 100 ping, but ProXicT never kicks or warns them. There were a lot of other players that had "unstable ping" and I called them out, but for some reasons only 2 of us were being harassed(literally). I never have any problem playing with that ping when other admins are online, and never have I been kicked for that reason. I explained to him that my lagometer was perfectly fine. He then proceeded to warn me again by saying that I am not noticing it because the server is compensating for it (????!!). Meanwhile, another player whom he was warning and trying to kick out of the server told him that he did not have any problem in his end too. However, he kicked both of us. Fast forward to Crossfire, he did the same thing to another player, even after the player explained there were no problems with his gameplay. Then today within minutes of him joining the server I got warned 3-4 times even though I had perfect ping. Not a single player was complaining. NOT A SINGLE ONE!!

What I am trying to say is that is absolutely ridiculous for an admin to kick and warn players to the point where they can't even join the server just because he can. All the players that were being targeted, including me, have publicly called this admin on his BS. I do not care who you are or what you got, I am most definitely going to call you out when I think something is not right. He is beyond petty, corrupt, and totally incompetent for being an admin. I believe this comes as no surprise, taking into consideration the fact that they are plenty of accusations against him in this forum. I really believe UA should consider carefully who is being approved to be an admin. And I really hope ProXicT gets a life, stops being a Mean Queen, and becomes a decent human being.

On another note, I would really appreciate if one of the other, decent, nice admins could clear my record.
Thanks for coming to my TED Talk!

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Hi W!tch,

If I remember correctly, it started even earlier than 2 days ago. The punishment score you're talking about is increased every time someone warns you for something and as soon as it exceeds a certain value, you get kicked automatically. Anyways, I warned you for your lags, yes. But first I just asked you in the chat (like I usually do) to fix your lags and I told you that you are studdering. And that was on a request from some other player, after which I spectated you and asked you to fix your connection. You replied with a "stfu". Then I warned you for your lags and you said that you're not lagging and that there is BERG with ping over 100ms and that I'm not saying anything to him.
Then I was trying to **kindly** explain to you that the magnitude of the ping doesn't determine lags and that lags are more of an unstable ping issue. You still kept saying that there are players with 100ms ping and I am not doing anything about it. I told you that these players might have high ping but stable and that's the crucial part.
Then we got into an argument. And the other guy you pointed out that I also warned about his lags at least admitted that he's lagging, but that there is just way too little he can do about it.

And if you expect us admins to be nice to you, maybe start with yourself. Yes, I admit that I was not very nice to you after we started the argument for like the third time or so. But man, do you remember what was your reaction always when I told you that you're really lagging and that you're just ruining the game? You're mean and you expect me to be nice to you. I'm sorry, but that's not how it works. But yeah, I admit that I wasn't overly nice to you and I apologize for that.

I don't know what accusations on the forum you're talking about, the only player who was complaining about me here was Kenzoku. But that's a completely different case.

Back to your lags though. There are many ways you can mitigate your bad connection. For example, you can try some VPNs, some players use it here, too. I don't know what's your network setup at home, but maybe you can also change your router which can have quite a big impact on your connection. The default routers which come with the contract from ISPs are usually very bad.

Some years back, when other players were complaining about my lags, I changed my router, I changed all the cables, I even bought a dedicated network card for my PC, I was in a close contact with my ISP, all of this just to resolve the issue. It took some time but we solved it. It all comes down to the attitude and your priorities like I've already told you.

I think everyone can agree that it's fair to call this lags:
Wish you luck with fixing your connection, W!tch.

Best Regards

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Erstellt: 08.07.2019, 11:15 #3
If you are going to argue with me, at least do so honestly. This is going to be me last response, I am not about to go back and forth with you about something that is completely irrelevant to my life.

First of all, NO ONE, and I repeat, NO ONE complained to you about me lagging and you are clearly making that up to add some ground to your claims. We were playing in the same team, so I had access both to the team chat and the public chat. Not a single person was complaining whatsoever. You took it upon yourself to spectate me. And that is absolutely fine, I do not have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with, however, is the fact that after you spectated me, you came up with the unstable ping thing, you quoted my change in ping and right after that kicked me out of the server.

So since you claim to know how ping works, and since I study Computer Science, let me tell why you are completely wrong. The ping measures the latency between a player's network client and the actual game server. As such, the lower the ping, the lower the latency, aka the response time in milliseconds. If you put two and two together now, stable ping is not at all crucial. Low ping is what is really crucial. That is why when players have enormous ping, they teleport. The player's client (PC) fails to respond to the game server/client on time, thus teleporting horribly. At the end of the day, the ping value you see in the leaderboard is just milliseconds. A change of 5 or 6 milliseconds, which you refer to as unstable ping, is not even recognizable by humans. Taking that into consideration, I brought up the player you mention to demonstrate that such thing is not fair, you are clearly taking sides and harassing me because I am not scared to call you out on your BS. By the way, the player did not admit lagging, he told you straight up "F off, I have no laggs to fix. Ban me if you want". Then you kicked him right after that.

But back to your response. I did not reply with "Stfu". That is a blatant lie. I said "What is wrong with my connection?". To which you said I was lagging. Then I told you in the most kind, human way possible that I was not, my lagometer was perfectly fine. Even though it was irrelevant to the situation, I also explained to you that sometimes when people throw flash at me or there is smoke/grenades and vice versa, my FPS goes down. That is something that affects MY, and only MY gameplay. Only after that, when you continued to warn me, I told you eff off and stfu. That is exactly what happens in the recording you provided. I throw a grenade and for less than 3 seconds I am lagging. That is only my problem, because that affects only my gameplay(my FPS does not affects others). No one was complaining, because that is a problem only on my end.

Funny though, you did not record the part where I was not even talking to you, and you inserted yourself in to the conversation I was having with another player with a mean response and told me "Who the f you think you are? Sit down."

I am NEVER, EVER mean to any admins. In fact, I have very very good relationships with a lot of them. I am always careful with what I say to other players in there, because I understand after all I am dealing with human beings. I have never cursed their family, be extremely rude, wish them ill, or anything of the such (things that happen on a daily basis). That is why my record was perfectly clear 3 days ago. I have a great time with A LOT of nice people in there. You are one of the only 3-4 people with whom I have a problem with. I guess that's because I will usually be the first to call people out. I can not stand injustice, and that is why I have called you out before aka when you were trying to ban players for camping in Defence etc., which is clearly against the rules of your server and this forum. That is not personal. I would do the same to anyone for that matter. What is personal is harassing me because you can not take constructive criticism. However, I am NEVER EVER going to compromise myself because of some COD4 BS. I am going to be mean to players that are ruining the experience, not just for me but for a lot of other people. That includes hackers and incompetent admins. Nothing personal.

On a bright note though, thank you for wishing me luck. That shows you are not that mean actually. I also wish you all the best!
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I highly doubt that Proxict was "mean" to you and treated you unjustly. I was there the day it happened, but didn't pay much attention and only saw that you were talking about your Lagometer.

Also, stuttering comes from fast value-changes of your latency, it doesn't matter if you've got 10ms or 100ms. If it switches between 10 and 20ms or 100 and 120 every few Milliseconds, you're stuttering. You won't, at least in most cases, notice it (except in Lagometer, but no one has their eyes on it all day), as the client compensates it for you, but others will notice. What you were referring to is the normal delay that comes from the latency (duh), which has nothing to do with what Prox wanted you to fix.
Also no one cares what you're studying, we are in the internet and anyone is anything he wants to be, if you want to strengthen your arguments, maybe try to give a source to what you're saying.
Plus, if you were to play with rocky FPS (rapid switching between fps with higher variance), we, as the players on the server, would notice it too.

The stutter you see in Proxicts video clearly shows that you were indeed stuttering, while not all the time, it occurred and Prox asked you to stop it from happening. It most probably happened because of someone in your Network starting a download or uploading something, which introduces Bufferbloat on the Line, which is usually "easy" to fix by adding QoS and/or sqm into your router-config, which most router, at least in a light form, supports. (sqm is a must if your Line is absolute trash, though)
You could look up LEDE and see if your router is supported by it. It gives you an open-source Routerfirmware, which let's you add the mentioned, and other of course, features and will help you in the future. (sqm gets pretty CPU-intensive though starting at 100mbps download)

From that aside, you are accusing him from kicking campers, which ain't the truth, either. The only ones that get kicked for "camping" are those that are not playing the objective (e.g. dudes camping in spawn without giving a care for the bomb, either for plant or for defuse), except you're referring to another one and try to give him the "credit".

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Erstellt: 08.07.2019, 20:33 #5
I am trying to be as honest as I possibly can be. And forgive me if I didn't describe everything regarding the in-game conversation (citystreets map) in verbatim, I am playing on this server very often and I come in contact with so many players that sometimes I can mix things up. However, that doesn't change the fact that you were mean to me after I was trying to explain to you that you indeed have lags and warned you for that, you can't deny that. And when you say that nobody complained about your lags, that's not true, there was one player who complained about your lags, that's why I say this has started more than 2 days ago. I don't see why I would have had the need to make this up. I really don't remember who was the one complaining about you, but you got my attention after he called you out for your lags. Then you killed me with aku while in jump (from bottom A on backlot) and you were visibly studdering - here, I think, was the first time I told you that you're lagging, but you didn't even reply to that.

When you say it only affects your gameplay, that's absolutely not true. In fact, your gameplay is affected even less than our gameplay when you're studdering. And as someone who has programmed at least a basic 3D game engine with networking, I also know a bit what I'm talking about. And sorry, but when you say that only low ping is what matters and that the stability is not that important, it's hard to explain to you why your unstable ping affects our gameplay. For example, I've never complained about BERG's connection even though his ping is around 100ms. That's because his ping is stable and since the game networking is running on UDP for which you don't need any ACK packets, the stable packet stream is what really matters - and that applies to most games running on UDP. Now you can hopefully see why an unstable ping is the cause of players teleporting, not the magnitude of the ping. CoD4 engine is fairly complex and the things happening on the server side is not something that's even remotely similar to modern competitive games, such as CS:GO, for example. CoD4 is known for giving a slight advantage to players with worse connection. And as far as I know, this is to some extent mitigated in 1.8 patch, however, UA servers are still running at 1.7 patch.

Ad the last part of your second paragraph - There were 3 players who were lagging (on crossfire) - you, some guy called "TbI - nugop" and a guy called "runner 5". The player "TbI - nugop" was warned at least dozen times for his lags and yes, HE told me to fuck off and that I should ban him... After that I kicked him because if I had warned him one more times, he would have been kicked for "too high punishment score", but I wanted the others to see what I kicked him for. The "runner 5" player admitted that he's lagging (btw, his ping was around 45ms), he left and he returned after a short while with an even higher ping (~85), telling me that he has fixed the issue using his iPhone. I felt sorry for him, he clearly thought that higher ping is better but his English wasn't good enough to understand me and he left shortly after.

Ad the part where I told you "Who the fuck you think you are, sit down." - I don't remember the context, maybe you said something I thought was dedicated to me even though it wasn't? Anyway, my reply was a somewhat humorous response, more like a reference to what happened more than a week or two ago when you told me something to which I replied "Ok, dad." after which you replied with "That's right, son". I think this might have been just a misunderstanding on both sides. Next time I will try to be more careful about the context.

I am not that mean as I may sometimes sound. I am really trying to help other players, but what I can't stand is when someone can't admit that someone else might be right and instead, they are acting like they know everything.

Well, you were mean to me and I understand it, we got into an argument in which you clearly disagreed with me and you started being mean because I warned you for your lags.
I think I have a good relationship with most of the players here, too, and I am glad for that because I like the overall community. It's nice that you understand that you're dealing with other human beings, because most of the players who I get into an argument with wish me cancer, death, they are insulting my family and such. That's just something I can't stand.
In my application for an admin, I clearly stated that I also don't like laggy players, because they are usually ruining the game. On one hand, players are complaining about hit registration and on the other hand, there are players with unstable connections. That just doesn't go hand in hand very well. So yes, I kick people with unstable connections, but if you look into the banlist, it's not something I do very often because I understand that not everyone can afford the best connection available or they just don't have many choices. But the lags I saw in your connections were just too much, hence I asked you to do something about it. That being said, I hope you also understand that this is nothing personal.

You say you can't stand injustice and you accuse me from kicking campers? Like pzkY has already said, I am not kicking players for camp, unless they are either camping with the bomb or camping somewhere and hiding during the entire gameplay, not playing with respect to the objective. And this proves it fairly well, I think.

I also hope that after this explanation, you'll be able to look at my acts from a different perspective and actually understand why I acted like I did.
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I saw this thread and i have to say im watching ur playing witch many times and yes u are laggin as hell.

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