unban request

Erstellt: 18.09.2019, 17:24 #1
hi, i got banned on the sd servers for "wallhack" yesterday by swiss
clearly it must have been a mistake or something.

if you want any of my previous game demos, i have recorded pov demos of just about every single game for the past year
i even have a screen recording of the moment when i got banned if that interests anyone

name: kris
server: #1

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Erstellt: 18.09.2019, 19:24 #2
This GUID does not exist in our database and there are more than 40 players named "kris", so I am not able to find your ban entry.
Martin, 2nd Leader & Webmaster
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Erstellt: 18.09.2019, 20:06 #3
my bad, its "79495c2a"
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Erstellt: 20.09.2019, 16:38 #4
Reason is wallhack, I won't join myself in the matter between you and swiss, but it was a tempban (so it should have disappeared on 18 sept around 22.00 pm).
ingame nicks: Silver Bullet/Shuichi Akai/Rye
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Erstellt: 20.09.2019, 18:09 #5
fishy, because at first it was a perm-ban, but now its a temp-ban? or is this because maddin unbanned me, not sure

as i said, i can supply as much evidence as he needs.

- here is a link to a shadowplay (a minute before he banned me, 35 seconds in)

- and here is the demo for the match he banned me on + 2 previous matches

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Erstellt: 24.09.2019, 21:15 #6
Yes, Perm-Bans that were unbanned will be displayed as "temp-ban".
Martin, 2nd Leader & Webmaster
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  • Maddion
  • ProXicT: Alright, @FiGURE, thanks for the explanation
  • iMarkus: So I gave CoD4 another chance and joined one of the servers, but there was no one and now I feel sad. :c
  • FiGURE io.: If you're talking about me, it used to be a original key. I've been a TA for years on UA been away for a while but recently returned.
  • ProXicT: Guys, how come that we now have TAs with cracked keys?
  • ProXicT: Regarding the lack of admins situation, I would also like to see "bLur tAINE :]" as an admin... He's fairly active and very knowledgable player.
  • AeroShark333: Oiii
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