Is this aimbot or not?

Erstellt: 05.10.2019, 08:19 #11
Gotta say it really is weird how your ironsight instantly draws back to the left after you killed him.
But judging from this kill alone there is no way to yell 'aimbot! / aimlock!'.
I've seen a ton of Auba killcams and never saw anything like this.
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Erstellt: 05.10.2019, 20:29 #12
Every time I try to record AUBA's game and the server have more 2 free slots, he kicks me without objective reason.
The last time he told me "no need to spectate when an admin is online" and kicked me.


I have repeatedly questioned the cleanliness of AUBA's game. I suggested him to upload demo. No one demo were uploaded. Maybe was he afraid of something?

Strange coincidences, right?
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  • Maddion
  • ProXicT: Alright, @FiGURE, thanks for the explanation
  • iMarkus: So I gave CoD4 another chance and joined one of the servers, but there was no one and now I feel sad. :c
  • FiGURE io.: If you're talking about me, it used to be a original key. I've been a TA for years on UA been away for a while but recently returned.
  • ProXicT: Guys, how come that we now have TAs with cracked keys?
  • ProXicT: Regarding the lack of admins situation, I would also like to see "bLur tAINE :]" as an admin... He's fairly active and very knowledgable player.
  • AeroShark333: Oiii
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