Is this aimbot or not?

Erstellt: 05.10.2019, 08:19 #11
Gotta say it really is weird how your ironsight instantly draws back to the left after you killed him.
But judging from this kill alone there is no way to yell 'aimbot! / aimlock!'.
I've seen a ton of Auba killcams and never saw anything like this.
imgimg img img img img img

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Erstellt: 05.10.2019, 20:29 #12
Every time I try to record AUBA's game and the server have more 2 free slots, he kicks me without objective reason.
The last time he told me "no need to spectate when an admin is online" and kicked me.


I have repeatedly questioned the cleanliness of AUBA's game. I suggested him to upload demo. No one demo were uploaded. Maybe was he afraid of something?

Strange coincidences, right?
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Erstellt: 20.10.2019, 22:28 #13
Berg.. So many players/admins are think/banned u many times for cheating. So can u stop posting shitty things. No one cares what u are saying.
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Erstellt: 20.10.2019, 22:31 #14
@zooeystAr I do care. And I was actually the one who asked BERG to post his opinion in this thread because I know that AUBA started kicking him for no reasons when BERG pointed out multiple times that AUBA is cheating.
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Erstellt: 20.10.2019, 22:32 #15
Even if berg is cheating, what does it change? He brings up relevant topic, with great video, I feel like You want post just to post.. it doesn't bring any value to the conversation, so please stop.
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Erstellt: 20.10.2019, 22:40 #16
Heh. it not change anything and as i say that video looks pretty strange even im not seeing like this before. but berg, he is not person to judge anyone.

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Erstellt: 20.10.2019, 22:59 #17
@zooeystAr Why do you say that BERG shouldn't judge anyone? He's been playing since 2007, has played on ESL, CG and has a lot of experience. That being said, I think he's more than competent to give a constructive opinion.
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Erstellt: 20.10.2019, 23:42 #18

Why berg is banned for many times and many of your admins?
That means all of ur admins who are banned berg talking shit?
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Erstellt: 20.10.2019, 23:49 #19
I like u proxict. We never have any shit together. But that berg thing is just true. it is. i thing berg not cheat anymore but he did before.
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Erstellt: 20.10.2019, 23:57 #20
@zooeystAr No, that means that admins are people, too, and people do mistakes.
First of all, we were all judging based on demos taken out of the context and even though these demos might have been looking obvious, when seeing the full context later, many things got cleared up. And BERG has provided @DerMaddin with many more demos than what we as TAs had the chance to see as BERG was recording his every play.

Some, but sadly not many, admins later admitted (me included), that they might have been wrong in this BERG case.

But please, keep in mind that this is a topic about AUBAMEYANG, not about BERG.
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  • Maddion
  • Ahmed: .Arcade. Aimbot sd1
  • ProXicT:
  • Ghjj.: You are totally right @ProXicT
  • Ghjj.: regarding -5 S I L
  • Ghjj.: Marko Markovic aimbot SD1
  • Ahmed: ban he's mother..
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