New admin has chets

Erstellt: 20.10.2019, 22:59 #21
So you are aware of your cheats, but you don't want just simply admit it, glad we have an understanding.

"put words in someone’s mouth:
to say that someone means one thing when the person really meant something else"

You're having an understanding of things i didn't say ?
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Erstellt: 20.10.2019, 23:05 #22
Oh yes, please drive away of you cheating into your bad reading comprehension and undarstanding skills, please do it.
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Erstellt: 20.10.2019, 23:15 #23

I have indeed a dynamic IP address but in my country the ISP's handle the available addresses with care. The ISP's DHCP servers that handle the public IP's have very long lease times resulting in a dynamic IP address that pretty much acts as a static one because of how ISP's handle it. This information can be easily found on google if you doubt the above. I have also, to my knowledge, never used any other IP-address than the one i use currently.

I agree that the chances of me getting assigned a banned players IP-address are obviously nihill and i hope this is going to get cleared up soon by someone with sufficient access regarding the servers and it's logfiles.

I appreciate your honesty though.

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Erstellt: 22.10.2019, 18:36 #24
@Firgure Yeah, I know that the lease time can be in the order of years.
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Erstellt: 20.10.2019, 23:36 #25
At last what i can say figure get org key at least if u are admin.
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Erstellt: 22.10.2019, 16:16 #26
I had considered figure a high skilled player for the time being, but it seems given the circumstances that I've to change my mind. I'll start with the demos before judging the videos.
On these I can't find very much, to be fair,
On crossfire he's most of the time trying to be dynamic, changing spots and peeks, yes it is weird the fact that his peeks are 90 % related to where players are instead of where players would be but that's just it. The only weird fact here for example is the kill behind melons after the smoke attempts, which is pretty unusual.
On winter crash, I don't see any valid proof, until he switches to defence (he even misses swiss on top of A, considering the sound is pretty weird, the prefire on the smgs are because he sees them or they play A most of the rounds), on the last round he even fails to check "Mazarini" spot on Pat Solitano (guess it's caused by resolution). Now, on the first defence round, nobody checks generator that way, but on normal speed I could hear the sound of a guy dropping there, later killing him.
The only issues with these demos are overconfidence into peeks, which I, as a player, normally wouldn't do (standing in the open in mid crash, trying to cross light peeking wooden A in cross).

Now on videos:
wh1 - Honestly, here the explanation isn't enough, you follow him directly through the bottom wall, in the mid round, it's not even crosshair position, it's following, and yes, he had stayed hidden after he shot 15-20 seconds before in the blue alley. This is the first clip which would make me incline towards wallhack.

no smoke - this could be caused by the edge, I don't have your pov, I can't judge properly, he might be visible (these shots can happen often, an example is peeking top light in crossfire watching defence crossing to A, Defence think they're smoked off but they aren't when someone from attack smokes mid).

wall follow - this is just a guess Ghjj would turn, I don't have anything to say.

crosshair placement - weird prefire, from that spot I would have checked the scope house behind him before doing this, very weird, but it may be luck.

prefire BS - And also here, the explanation wasn't given. Like stachu, I have no idea how you could know he was there (here the deagle is on the ground, Ghjj never switched nor made sound, he even took the long step on the stairs in order not to give sound clues but you still managed to kill him). This is the second clip making me think of wallhack.

small note: I don't have anything towards anyone, I don't have anything to say about the key in fact, it has to be confirmed if it was original, as I wasn't playing here yet on 2011, I also don't know if your ip is similar to banned players, as ProXicT is way more specific than me. Sorry for the length, hope you can read it anyway.
ingame nicks: Silver Bullet/Shuichi Akai/Rye
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Erstellt: 22.10.2019, 18:14 #27
@SilverBullet Thank you for your contribution to this thread, i don't mind the lengthy comments.

I do play unusual and wouldn't deny that, but i am not a cheater.

I explained the kills i make in Ghj's clips in one of the earlier comments of this thread on page 1 and i really don't know what more i could do than to refer you to that explanation. In that post i also recommended to watch that specific 'prefire BS' shot in flowers at a lower speed (0.25) with which you will be able to see that i didn't prefire at all. I didn't hear him but i check the inner and outer stairs a lot when i'm in flowers top, anyone who seen me play Strike attack-side should be able to confirm that.

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Erstellt: 22.10.2019, 20:44 #28
About 5th movie with "prefire":
I think it is normal. Ghjj was appeared suddenly for Figure IO. Then Figure IO just showed nervous reaction.
FYI when player checks weapons, he can start to shot more fast than without it. For this reason weapnext bind was forbidden on cg.

@FiGURE io. do you have demos for these movies by Ghjj ?
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Erstellt: 22.10.2019, 23:12 #29

Thank you for your contribution to this thread, i don't use a bind to switch my weapon though.

No i do not have demo's of myself for these moments in Ghj's clips.
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Erstellt: 03.11.2019, 22:53 #30
We have to listen what berg say. Berg's opinions are most important on your forums.
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  • D3AGL3: Da könnte man sich jetzt noch fragen, ob es bemitleidenswerter ist auf Leute zu schimpfen die man nicht kennt, die einen inaktiven Service nicht perfekt pflegen, oder Leute, die sich ohne Grund darüber infantil aufregen...
  • Nadorix: Dead server hochhalten #lost
  • Nadorix: Ihr spasten könnt nicht mal eure Server protecten, noch schlimmer - nicht mal vernünftigbannen, solche Leute wie euch findet man in Games öfters die admins sind und ein iq von 15 haben. Denn hat der strick geholfen 👌🏻
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  • KRWLNG: Ist einfach unterhaltsam, solche minderbemittelten Kids wie Nadorix zu beobachten. Keinerlei Bildung, keinerlei finanzielle Mittel, aber online auf dicke Hose machen. Ist wie ein Unfall - man kann nicht wegschauen.
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