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Hey all,

I tried to join the gungame server but got the message is was banned for wallhack??
the date says in 2013....

Since there are few gungame servers lately, can you unban me?

Ofcourse i dont wallhack, ppl who play some gungame these days probably know me...
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Erstellt: 18.12.2019, 18:15 #2
Is it an original key, or a cracked one?
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Erstellt: 20.12.2019, 16:33 #3
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Erstellt: 20.12.2019, 18:35 #4
Then ask DerMaddin about it. He has access to the server logs so maybe he can figure out what's happened.
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  • Maddion
  • ProXicT: And don't worry, despite all the strong words from other players and also some admins, I've never actually suspected you from cheating
  • ProXicT: Oh, yes. Well, in my killcam, which I'm sure I still have some recording of, it looked more like if you were shooting at taine and killed me. But I'm also sure your 140ms ping have played a huge role in that.
  • Ghjj.: Wanted to show you how “remotely far” it was.
  • ProXicT: What should we see in these two vids, Ghjj?
  • Ghjj.:
  • Ghjj.:
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