Unban request (old ban)

Erstellt: 12.01.2020, 21:23 #1
Hello! I I would like to join your servers but after a try i got message that i was banned in 2015 for aim assist. Is it possible to get unban? I am aiming on yor promod servers. ofcourse no cheats it was 5 years ago and i dont even remember this.There is screen of this ban www. imgur.com/a/4XpfQDr

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Erstellt: 13.01.2020, 18:22 #2
Please use the given GUID to submit this form:
Martin, 2nd Leader & Webmaster
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  • Maddion
  • ProXicT: And don't worry, despite all the strong words from other players and also some admins, I've never actually suspected you from cheating
  • ProXicT: Oh, yes. Well, in my killcam, which I'm sure I still have some recording of, it looked more like if you were shooting at taine and killed me. But I'm also sure your 140ms ping have played a huge role in that.
  • Ghjj.: Wanted to show you how “remotely far” it was.
  • ProXicT: What should we see in these two vids, Ghjj?
  • Ghjj.:
  • Ghjj.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?...
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