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08.09.2016 - 23:27 Uhr, von DerMaddin
Reveal Trailer to the Call of Duty 4 - Remastered Multiplayer:

And here the Multiplayer gameplay trailer of the main Game from the package (CoD: Infinite Warfare)

Release date: 4th Nov 2016

Autor: DerMaddin
iMarkus - 09.09.2016, 09:42 Uhr
Bundle ist mir zu doof! Auch wenns geil aussieht.
DerMaddin - 09.09.2016, 18:13 Uhr
I think CoD4RM will come as standalone in one or a half year later
KushY - 11.09.2016, 16:18 Uhr
nimmst ne moviecfg und man hat remastered
DerMaddin - 14.09.2016, 22:16 Uhr
Naja... aufloesendere Texturen, feinere 3D-Modelle, mehr Objekte, zerstoerbarere Umgebung, verbesserte Animationen und Interaktionen, remastered Sound, uvm. kann die moviecfg leider nicht denn diese schraubt nun mal nur an Licht/Schatten/FPS/Kontrast/Saettigung etc rum
UA|LuckeR - 02.10.2016, 14:55 Uhr
Bin gespannt, also Ja es juckt mir stark in Fingern, aber es sieht zu sehr nach neuen CODs aus... tja kp erstmal auf BF1 warten und dann folgt der Rest
  • bambam: PAULO DYBALA[21] best football player hehe y0.
  • DerMaddin: it will be disabled on next server reload/restart
  • britney: yup, i already said that also... many spamming, eventhough players aren't afk at all...
  • cod4xisajoke: someone pointed it out in game, would it be a problem to turn off that .!afk [name] command? Since deadchat is turned on on every s&d server, there is no need for such command, and of course people like to spam it a lot..
  • LianWish: Good evening. No there is no others new added but we got some people in our mind. About the private forum we will see what we can do
  • AUBAMEYANG: oh and i got another it possible to make a private forum section for all server admins? so we can discuss about dodgy players and upload/share demos from ppl with orig key
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