Server Maintenance (still ongoing)

First step of improving our services.

28.01.2017 - 13:14 Uhr, von DerMaddin
In the weeks of ending January and February we are maintaining our Masterserver to improve the performance and quality of our services.

This is just the first step, or better said the preparation of an update process that will take place in 2017. So you wont see any significant visible changes after that first step is done.

There will be downtimes of our services during the period of maintenance.
Generally the Call of Duty 4 Gameservers and Website are affected.

Our Teamspeak server ( ) is not involved and should be online 24/7.

Bugs, unusability, etc. may occur during this process. They will get solved, so no need to complain about them
Just in case you see something really strange that should get solved quickly, you are welcome to tell us here or via private message on Facebook ( )

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Autor: DerMaddin
  • AUBAMEYANG: finally:]
  • DerMaddin: Forum order is back
  • LianWish: Very good. Anyone want to supermario later ?
  • AUBAMEYANG: I'm alright, you?
  • LianWish: How are you guys?
  • LianWish: If you see any error keep us informed. Your welcome
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