500.000 Players

On 28. February UA has reached the Half Million Players mark

28.02.2017 - 23:55 Uhr, von DerMaddin
Today, on 28 Feb 2017 at 19:09:41 CET the 500.000th player has joined our CoD4 Gameservers.

He connected to our Mario Sniper Server and was online for exactly 10 minutes and 10 seconds

Here are some statistics:

All players together connected 4.338.775 times and were online for 85.774 days (or 235 years).
That is an average playtime of 4 hours per user and about 29 minutes online time per game session.

7.629 players connected more than 100 times to our servers.

3.203 connects has the "most connected player" (he was online for 1.203 hours).
And the most online user played 2.027 hours on our servers.
They should get nominated to receive an award for this ;D

This was also made by all players:
170.627.198 Kills
16.822.662 Headshots
7.182.651 Suicides

1.051.691 different nicknames were used.

If you are interested in some specific stats just request in comments. I will try to catch them
Autor: DerMaddin
LianWish - 01.03.2017, 23:13 Uhr
Congratulation to the "most connected player ". Also thank all of peoples support all this years!
Best regards... LianWish.
Noooun - 03.03.2017, 21:04 Uhr
You have any stats on me? Do I have any records ?
iMarkus - 04.03.2017, 23:22 Uhr
No records I guess.
Maddiin - 18.03.2017, 15:19 Uhr
Meine Statistiken ty
DerMaddin - 20.03.2017, 18:18 Uhr
I have added stats of most online user.
CLMK. - 27.04.2017, 12:04 Uhr
me me!
  • Maddion
  • ProXicT: Totally agree with @KRWLNG
  • ProXicT: @jUZE, you know where I am going with that. I know it's not that easy, but that wasn't really the point. The laggs can come from whatever source, but why should we even bother with that? If the player is lagging, he shoudn't play to ruin the game for others. As easy as that it is.
  • KRWLNG: However those few people should accept kicks/tempbans if they lag like crazy and it's impossible to play with and against them. Doesn't happen very often that someone lags heavily the entire time. Short ping bounces / WLAN warps are not a big deal.
  • jUZE: Prox, some people can not simply change ISP's . Next to that there are more things that cause lagg besides ISP. Routing to the server for instance. I can have 20 ping on a french server in paris or I can have 40 with laggs. All depends on routing. Pretty naive to simply say change ISP's
  • ProXicT: You are right that sometimes it is out of their control, but they are making other players suffer because of that. If they know they are lagging, they can just leave the game for the good of all of us. And if they really want to play without ruining the game, they can change the ISP.
  • SweeDe: I don't think it's about them ignoring you pointing out that they are lagging, it's probably because it's out of their control .. But yeah if it's spiking so hard that it makes them teleport around the map it's a issue.
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