500.000 Players

On 28. February UA has reached the Half Million Players mark

28.02.2017 - 23:55 Uhr, von DerMaddin
Today, on 28 Feb 2017 at 19:09:41 CET the 500.000th player has joined our CoD4 Gameservers.

He connected to our Mario Sniper Server and was online for exactly 10 minutes and 10 seconds

Here are some statistics:

All players together connected 4.338.775 times and were online for 85.774 days (or 235 years).
That is an average playtime of 4 hours per user and about 29 minutes online time per game session.

7.629 players connected more than 100 times to our servers.

3.203 connects has the "most connected player" (he was online for 1.203 hours).
And the most online user played 2.027 hours on our servers.
They should get nominated to receive an award for this ;D

This was also made by all players:
170.627.198 Kills
16.822.662 Headshots
7.182.651 Suicides

1.051.691 different nicknames were used.

If you are interested in some specific stats just request in comments. I will try to catch them
Autor: DerMaddin
LianWish - 01.03.2017, 23:13 Uhr
Congratulation to the "most connected player ". Also thank all of peoples support all this years!
Best regards... LianWish.
Noooun - 03.03.2017, 21:04 Uhr
You have any stats on me? Do I have any records ?
iMarkus - 04.03.2017, 23:22 Uhr
No records I guess.
Maddiin - 18.03.2017, 15:19 Uhr
Meine Statistiken ty
DerMaddin - 20.03.2017, 18:18 Uhr
I have added stats of most online user.
CLMK. - 27.04.2017, 12:04 Uhr
me me!
  • Maddion
  • sshisui: not only: they also used to overwright your fav list with their IPs if you connected to their server in the past
  • pzkY: what a bitchmove tbqh
  • DerMaddin: that is because next1 has 74 fake-filled (actually empty) servers on master list. They are all redirecting to those 2 severs. Next1 is the reason why every reasonable CoD4-Community has lost many players over the past year (they had their 1st birthday some days ago. congrats lel)...
  • jUZE: I see alot of familiar faces on the Next1 servers. Their two sd servers are almost always full.
  • DerMaddin: they are listed in "Internet ATVI" list, if you have codx installed.
  • SweeDe: I found UA first from getting the ip manually from friends and adding them to the favourites
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