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Time Name
26.04.17 23:09 russian f246dd02 pzkY#imtrash Perm-Ban Cheat: Wallhack
26.04.17 23:05 SkalMan b0a8d92f BUT|Why? Kick Away from Keyboard
26.04.17 22:10 Please l2p 3aeceee4 BUT|Why? Kick Camper
26.04.17 20:56 Salajni94 fbf72215 pzkY#imtrash Perm-Ban Cheat: Roccat
26.04.17 20:55 **SlaRk** 545076e9 TA|Griezmann Perm-Ban Cheat: Wallhack
26.04.17 20:11 TiAM e1be40af Britney. Perm-Ban Cheat: Wallhack
26.04.17 19:54 Hawkotro 328d4d86 Britney. Kick Away from Keyboard
26.04.17 19:51 Zeronwad af9cec36 BRASCO!!! Temp-Ban Flaming/Insulting
26.04.17 19:47 Zeronwad af9cec36 BRASCO!!! Kick running knife round
26.04.17 19:42 mad_kid 735d51f8 Britney. Kick stop insulting
26.04.17 18:25 Xamfu 8d4300b7 AUBAMEYANG Kick elev
26.04.17 17:38 lol it out 9958a603 CATFISH Perm-Ban it out aimbot
26.04.17 16:57 ><> eb613c2e stachu#animsAV Kick Away from Keyboard
26.04.17 16:51 TOLYAN 43784562 stachu#animsAV Kick ci
26.04.17 15:50 I]Cpt.Balu b4559fd0 stachu#animsAV Temp-Ban running away in knife round
26.04.17 15:42 Anderson 7e7d2b7a stachu#animsAV Kick Away from Keyboard
26.04.17 14:51 HFC 2f94cd78 stachu#animsAV Kick Away from Keyboard
25.04.17 20:55 #FTS Fozele'k 6fb9d0fe BRASCO!!! Perm-Ban Cheat: Wallhack
25.04.17 20:03 H2PEUF 704ec2eb BRASCO!!! Kick stop trolling
25.04.17 19:40 DeMoN 1c3c7944 BRASCO!!! Temp-Ban running in knife round
25.04.17 19:33 Zeronwad af9cec36 BRASCO!!! Kick dont
25.04.17 19:31 Gwynbleidd 0dae43e8 BRASCO!!! Kick dont
25.04.17 19:20 Steph Curry 8c352e0f Britney. Kick Away from Keyboard
25.04.17 19:09 Master Ace 7bc3f480 BRASCO!!! Kick Away from Keyboard
25.04.17 19:00 Kazikwhore fd12ae00 Britney. Perm-Ban Cheat: Wallhack
25.04.17 18:57 odmorimozak bee1be8e Britney. Kick Away from Keyboard
25.04.17 18:35 russian 573a89a8 Britney. Kick Away from Keyboard
25.04.17 18:02 Jertz 3ead29e3 stachu#animsAV Kick Away from Keyboard
25.04.17 17:59 diSPlay sYnChRo 4a8c9cab pwr / Mazarini Kick Chatlanguage: GER or ENG
25.04.17 17:51 Oro 16f458cc pwr / Mazarini Temp-Ban instult

Delay: 1057ms
  • bambam: PAULO DYBALA[21] best football player hehe y0.
  • DerMaddin: it will be disabled on next server reload/restart
  • britney: yup, i already said that also... many spamming, eventhough players aren't afk at all...
  • cod4xisajoke: someone pointed it out in game, would it be a problem to turn off that .!afk [name] command? Since deadchat is turned on on every s&d server, there is no need for such command, and of course people like to spam it a lot..
  • LianWish: Good evening. No there is no others new added but we got some people in our mind. About the private forum we will see what we can do
  • AUBAMEYANG: oh and i got another thing....is it possible to make a private forum section for all server admins? so we can discuss about dodgy players and upload/share demos from ppl with orig key
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